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We are an established hosting business that provides VPS (Virtual Private Server) and Cloud solutions with servers based here in South Africa, as well as around the world. Our servers in South Africa allow us to achieve the highest speeds for local access. If your customers are based in Europe, you can choose our Data Centre located in the central hub of Europe – Dusseldorf, Germany. Other Data Centres are in the UK, US (Chicago and Los Angeles) and Brazil. Traffic is always included in the package you choose which means there are no hidden costs. We are comprised of a team of highly skilled developers, administrators and managers from both Germany and South Africa. Between us we possess more than 15 years of international experience and a high-level skill set. Both locations are optimized for reliability and high availability. We only use renowned hardware brands and software solutions.

Our Purpose

WebsiteSEO is named after our vision to support businesses and individuals across Africa. With most of the planet now operating online, it’s absolutely essential to establish an online presence. It is the best way to market yourself or your business. Africa has been missing out on this industry for some time now, and it’s our vision to help Africans get in on the action. Whether you have a business, blog or app that you need to get out to the world, you need a trustworthy company to host it online. That’s us. Inspired by Cape Town’s beauty in South Africa WebsiteSEO’s Founder, Michael Osterloh, brought his expertise from Germany to help Africans get online. Too often, big multinational corporations undercut local businesses with low price but provide even lower customer service. We believe the only way business should be done is to truly care for our customers and their needs

Our Mission

We are an established Hosting business with more than 15 years of combined experience. We are fiercely committed to providing outstanding service to our customers. Our exceptional team consists of skilled developers, administrators and managers from both Germany and South Africa. Website SEO’s Founder and CEO, Michael Osterloh, was Managing Director of “Deutsche Börse Cloud Exchange AG”—one of the largest providers of virtual servers in Germany. Marcel Chorengel not only founded it, but also developed the first fully automated web hosting software—Confixx. At the end of 2015, Website SEO acquired the hosting company “Cloud to Machine Pty Ltd” (Joburg) from Chris Kruger (South African). In December 2016, we acquired VPS Networks ( and; and in September 2019 we acquired

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Fixed amount of storage and bandwidth per mont

WebsiteSEOweb hosting South Africa packages tend to vary on 1) The quantity of file storage you are assigned on the server’s hard disk drive and 2) The quantity of bandwidth your website is allowed per month.

You will calculate your average monthly bandwidth by multiplying the amount of files that your website visitors are probably to access during a month together with your site’s average file size. (Be sure to account for will increase in visitors and files if you are expecting lots of growth in near future). Unless you have got lots of pictures, videos, or giant PDF files, even a really little storage and bandwidth plan is probably going to be spare.

For example, a 500-page site (without video or large PDF libraries) is unlikely to use over a hundred MB of storage, and at 100 website visitor on a daily basis, it’s unlikely to use over a few GB (GigaByte) of bandwidth. If you are storing videos, big size documents, or several email accounts, however, these numbers will increase quickly.

Ability to install applications designed for a shared hosting environmen

A number of applications and especially open source are designed to be in shared hosting. Like WordPress, Opencart and Joomla etc. We provide Softaculous with 225 scripts which will let you install your required open source applications and also provide a facility to assist you by our support team on many applications installation. For Windows environment we usually recommend to sign up for developer windows hosting for special requirement. Please do ask our support before signing up for additional requirement. Some applications, however, need a lot of access to the server to alter system files or global settings etc, this might need to review by security team and server administrator to go through first. Usually you will not be allowed to put in a number of your organization’s applications on a standard shared host. We recommend to sign up VPS or Dedicated Server on these cases. 

Support for required databases and programming languages

Our shared hosting accounts can support fairly all databases and languages, however inquire our support for the specific tools and versions you would like to use. We use a setup consisting of a Linux or Unix-like OS, Apache web server package, a MySQL DB, and a PHP or Perl languages. This setup does not support websites created in ASP or

Paradigm Solutions have Microsoft setup too, with latest versions of Windows OS, Internet Information Server (IIS) as a Web server, MS SQL Server as Database engine, and Active Server Pages and .NET framework. To be sure, discuss with our support before you sign on.

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