Website SEO is a Leader in Hosting Services in South Africa

We are an established hosting business that provides VPS (Virtual Private Server) and Cloud solutions with servers based here in South Africa, as well as around the world. Our servers in South Africa allow us to achieve the highest speeds for local access. If your customers are based in Europe, you can choose our Data Centre located in the central hub of Europe – Dusseldorf, Germany. Other Data Centres are in the UK, US (Chicago and Los Angeles) and Brazil. Traffic is always included in the package you choose which means there are no hidden costs. We are comprised of a team of highly skilled developers, administrators and managers from both Germany and South Africa. Between us we possess more than 15 years of international experience and a high-level skill set. Both locations are optimized for reliability and high availability. We only use renowned hardware brands and software solutions.

Our Purpose

WebsiteSEO is named after our vision to support businesses and individuals across Africa. With most of the planet now operating online, it’s absolutely essential to establish an online presence. It is the best way to market yourself or your business. Africa has been missing out on this industry for some time now, and it’s our vision to help Africans get in on the action. Whether you have a business, blog or app that you need to get out to the world, you need a trustworthy company to host it online. That’s us. Inspired by Cape Town’s beauty in South Africa WebsiteSEO’s Founder, Michael Osterloh, brought his expertise from Germany to help Africans get online. Too often, big multinational corporations undercut local businesses with low price but provide even lower customer service. We believe the only way business should be done is to truly care for our customers and their needs

Our Mission

We are an established Hosting business with more than 15 years of combined experience. We are fiercely committed to providing outstanding service to our customers. Our exceptional team consists of skilled developers, administrators and managers from both Germany and South Africa. Website SEO’s Founder and CEO, Michael Osterloh, was Managing Director of “Deutsche Börse Cloud Exchange AG”—one of the largest providers of virtual servers in Germany. Marcel Chorengel not only founded it, but also developed the first fully automated web hosting software—Confixx. At the end of 2015, Website SEO acquired the hosting company “Cloud to Machine Pty Ltd” (Joburg) from Chris Kruger (South African). In December 2016, we acquired VPS Networks ( and; and in September 2019 we acquired


Professional Web Design and Development

Professional Web Design and Development

Website SEO offers more than just good web design; we pride ourselves on being a professional web design and development company. In addition to a skilled creative team and innovative software developers, we build websites that complement your key business objectives, ensuring that your website delivers what’s needed in terms of driving new business through viable online leads, e-commerce opportunities, profit growth and sustainability.

As a client, we’ll work closely with you to ensure that your website is strategically planned from the outset. We take into account what your potential browsers will search for online and then draw up a site plan that will position your website high on popular search engines. Our creative design process only kicks off once we’ve bedded down the optimal menu structure. We also blend creativity with smart web coding to produce a website that looks impressive, functions smoothly and is user-friendly.

Your customers’ online experience is critical to your website’s success. We work hard to develop the best User Experience (UX) design, user interface and customer experience. We also ensure a responsive design process so that your website looks good and works properly on a range of different devices, including laptops, tablets and smart phones.

Since our inception, we have developed niche skills in custom web development, giving you a tailored website that complements your business objectives and brand reputations. Our consulting services also identify ways to improve automated processes throughout your business, using integrated business structures and enhanced efficiencies from web connectivity.

In addition to a well-designed website, you can enjoy detailed web analytics and monthly reporting. This helps track who visits your website, what end-users looked for and which pages they have browsed the most. Our consulting services can also guide you in terms of tweaking and updating your existing website for Search Engine Optimisation to ensure your site remains highly ranked on leading search engines like Google. We can also assist you on how best to allocate online advertising spend, for a good return on your investment.

E-Commerce Website Company

Secure Online Shopping

Electronic commerce, or e-commerce, is an online revolution currently sweeping the internet. It provides businesses with an opportunity to market and sell goods and services online, locally or globally. Smudge has pioneered e-commerce in South Africa, helping clients to set up fast, integrated and secure sites that offer end-users a good online experience.

Integrated Shipping and Payments

WebsiteSEO is a leading e-commerce website company that offers custom-designed e-commerce sites that provide efficient functionality including tailored ordering systems, secure payments and integrated shipping. Useful extras can also include document automation, such as email confirmations, related inventory management, electronic data interchange, supply chain management, logistics, order tracking, accounting updates, secure online payments, group buying and business to business trading.

We also offer professional photographic services to ensure a visually dynamic and appealing e-commerce website. A key element in our strategic e-commerce site design is a carefully-considered end-user experience. At Smudge, we work hard to develop the best user experience (UX) design, user interface and customer experience. For e-commerce, factors such as secure online payments and efficient trading platforms are essential and we have the skills and experience to cover all the bases.

Additional value-added services offered in terms of e-commerce include items such as data analysis, reporting on trade demographics, web contact information and social media interfaces. Layout of online catalogues and graphic design of a ‘virtual mall’ can also be provided.

E-commerce is a trillion dollar industry globally and growth of this form of business is growing rapidly both locally and internationally. It’s well-suited to a diverse range of industries including retail, gaming and travel. Loyalty programmes are also a popular e-commerce option. Talk to us about e-commerce to explore new ways of engaging with your customers and securing a new stream of sales, income and profitability.

Corporate Identity and Brand Development

Having partnered with a variety of clients across multiple industries over the years, Smudge has experienced insight into how a website can complement a company’s brand strategy and its corporate identity (CI). With astute web design, our creative team knows how to pack a visual punch and help your business make an awesome first impression to an online audience!

Online channels like websites and social media sites are the primary location where existing and potential customers lurk nowadays. Ensuring that your online presence is professional, impressive and effective undoubtedly helps to sustain and grow your brand value. We guide clients on how to integrate online channels to support sales, marketing, communication and brand-building strategies.

We’ll also help you merge your online branding with your existing corporate identity. Our graphic design team can ensure synchronicity between your website and a diverse range of corporate stationery, including logos, email signatures, social media pages, presentation templates, online corporate brochures, location maps, business cards, typefaces, colour palettes and company letterheads.

The combination of custom web development and a strong focus on the end-user experience ensures that your target audience is able to access information quickly and easily on your website. It also means that customers can readily interact with your business teams online in order to get in touch with the right people. This is how good online functionality from a smart website can drive new business and position your brand more visibly in the marketplace.

With WebsiteSEO, you’re ensured of a website that reflects your strategic objectives. End-users will know who you are, what you offer and what your competitive advantages are. You’ll enjoy the benefits of a professional website that boosts your firm’s image and reputation; keeping you top of mind among key stakeholders.

Contact us to talk about how a new or updated website can better support your business, your corporate identity and your long-term brand development.

Website Strategy

With a team of specialists who have gained valuable experience in the corporate arena over many years, we appreciate the potential marketing and sales value of a truly effective website. When we design and develop a website for a client, we ensure that it’s more than just a good visual online presence. Our starting point is to understand your business strategy clearly and then to start designing your website accordingly.

Search Engine Optimization

Once we have gotten to grips with your strategic objectives, we undertake an in-depth analysis of your target market and your online competitors. We also research online keywords to develop an effective SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) strategy for your website. This process produces the optimal menu structure and drives the content requirements that will ultimately position your site high on popular search engines like Google.

Pay Per Click Value…

Another important aspect of a good website strategy is ensuring that you drive as much web traffic to your website as possible through select online advertising opportunities. Smudge offers key consulting services for online advertising, with a focus on using web analytics to help you get the most out of your marketing budget. Pay per click (PPC) internet advertising is a cost-effective tool we use to help clients direct traffic to their website. We place Google online adverts strategically and clients pay a minimum amount only when an online customer clicks on the ad. We can implement limits to ensure that you manage your budget carefully and also target geographical locations best suited to attract your target audience.

WebsiteSEO has established itself as a leader in web strategy. Our expertise spans web development, SEO research and analysis, web analytics, menu design, identifying strategic AdWords, placing PPC adverts and monitoring your web traffic carefully. We provide regular feedback and advise you on ways to tweak your site to attract more web hits and more business. Whether or not you are techno-savvy, our team will talk you through all aspects of the ultimate web strategy to expand your website reach and derive a value-for-money web presence.

Social Media Management Company

With rapid advances in mobile technology and online communication channels, social media allows people anywhere in the world to interact – sharing information, exchanging ideas and transferring data, photos, videos, cash and products via a virtual network. This platform is highly interactive and enables users to generate, edit and share content widely, as they see fit. Nielsen research indicates that internet users are spending more time on social media sites than any other web destination. Businesses today are looking for a Social Media Management Company to manage their online brand.

Businesses need a strong online presence if they want to connect with their target audience. At WebsiteSEO, we support clients to establish a dynamic social media communication strategy that complements their marketing and brand-building efforts by managing their social media presence. Social media is an exciting space as it transmits messages fast and furiously, with information able to go viral within minutes. A good social media strategy needs to take into account non-traditional factors such as frequency, instant reach, message permanence, copyright and mobile accessibility.

Talk to us about how we can help you to make a greater impact in your operating market using social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn and Google Plus. Our services will get you tweeting, trending, liked and going viral for all the right reasons. Our social media services include the following:

  • Site set-ups, incorporating your logo and corporate identity
  • Quality content, copy, images and video
  • Online tools to track and monitor your content reach and distribution
  • Social media marketing and advertising campaigns

Mobile App Development Company

Mobile apps have revolutionised the way we run and organize our lives. Having your “life” at your fingertips is becoming more and more common, and even more and more necessary. The growth of the mobile app industry is increasing, as the need to have a handle on every aspect of your life, whether personal and professional, is becoming essential.

WebsiteSEO offers you the opportunity to have your business’ updated information, offerings and the chance to engage with your clients, right in the palm of their hands. Mobile app development has become a crucial aspect of any business’ marketing and branding strategies, making it a fundamental tool when considering the way business is conducted nowadays. There is no better opportunity to get your clients’ attention and have them in contact with you at all times.

Strategy Sessions

We work closely with you to decipher the best possible ways to engage with your clients, give them the information that they need to make it easy for them to navigate around the app, all the while increasing your brand awareness.

Mobile app development is similar to web application, but is developed to harness the specific features each mobile device has to offer.  The benefit of having a mobile app for both user and business is invaluable. For users, the easy one-touch application, notifications, and fast finding of information, are a few of the features that they make use of when it comes to navigating the app. For business the chance to increase customer reach, reduce marketing costs, increase brand awareness and engage with clients is crucial when making your presence felt to your already existing and ever-growing client base.

Whether your app is e-commerce based, or information based, we are able to bring it to fruition on your clients’ mobile devices and have you in constant contact with them, as well as growing the opportunity to expand your client reach.

Professional SEO Company

Let’s get you to the top of the list…

Search engine optimisation (SEO) refers to ways of getting your website the best possible position in a search ranking when certain keywords relating to your business are typed into a search engine. Through WebsiteSEO’s extensive experience in this field your website will be given the best possible position with the use of complementary SEO techniques.

We have expertise in both on page SEO and off page SEO. On page SEO includes elements strategically placed into your website to help search engines recognise your site over others. On page SEO techniques include proper URL structures, user friendly navigation, the loading of fresh content, mobile friendly pages and fast loading pages, to name a few, while off page SEO techniques include link building, social media marketing and social bookmarking. Both on page and off page SEO techniques work in unison to help get your page to the top of the search ranking list.

Google Adword management

WebsiteSEO gets you to the top of the search rankings with the help of Google Adwords. This tool allows us to determine which keywords and phrases relating to your business are searched for the most. Using this information, these words are used strategically in your website copy, as well as any online advertising that may take place. We track the use of these keywords, and through strategy and analysis, we manage your Adword campaigns.

Adword consultants

Many companies have Adword campaigns already running, but it can feel overwhelming. If you already have a running Adword campaign, we will be happy to take it over, review your current campaigns, determine if your spend is focused on the correct key words, and offer any advice you may need.

Value-Added Services

Leverage off our web expertise

With a well-established track record and a team of skilled experts, Smudge has the skills and experience required to set your business up for greater success. We blend market-leading trends with technological innovation and creative flair to create exciting websites that benefit your company and your customers. Key services we offer include the following:

Web domains

We can secure and register any number of web names and domains.

Web hosting

We offer reliable website hosting services including set-up, traffic management and linked mailboxes.

Hosting Security

We provide website back-ups, anti-spam filters and virus checking software.


We have skilled IT specialists to provide custom software development for web programming and development.


We can implement a range of proven encryption technology to ensure secure e-commerce transactions.

Our value-added services are customised to suit your business size and your unique requirements. For example, we offer simple start-up options for small businesses and expand these to cater for mid-size businesses as well as the complex online needs of large corporate and multinational companies.

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